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Wedding Planning – Part 1

28 Dec

Evening All

I hope you have all had a fabulous christmas and the return to work today for some of you hasn’t been too traumatic.

As most of you may know Mr ESC proposed at the beginning of December and so we have now (mixed in with cake baking and Christmas preparations) managed to have a few conversations about what we want from our wedding.

I have thought long and hard about whether to blog about our preparations and have also checked with Mr ESC that he is happy for me to do so, but I think it is fairly obvious that I LOVE weddings and would just be bursting to tell everyone if I couldn’t (and also I cant think of a community of people I would rather pick the brains of when I get stuck!!!)

So Mr ESC and I have sat down and had the ‘what do we want from our wedding’ chat, and we both wrote down that we want it to be full of fun and Adam (Mr ESC) has also has said he doesn’t want us ‘running around like mad things being stressed out’ (has he looked at who he is marrying I ask myself???)

We have both totally fallen in love with the idea of lots of colour in our wedding and were inspired by the gorgeous flowers that the talented Laura Hingston did for a photoshoot with me and Sarah Lauren back in January last year.











So this is our jumping off point……

Next on the list are venues and THE DRESS (and yes, I know it’s early on but when I will be rather busy next year baking cakes for everyone else’s weddings (not that I am complaining) I figure I might need to make some decisions sooner rather than later!)

I look forward to sharing the journey with you all and hopefully finding lots of inspiration and ideas as I go along (and dont worry there will be lots of cakes still!!)

Enjoy New Year everyone and see you afterwards

Nicki xx

Powderham Castle

27 Mar

Morning Peeps

Well here I am sat up watching the opening race of the F1, whilst baking some more taster cakes for the second day of the Powderham Wedding Fayre (

Laura Hingston Flowers and I decided to share a stand again as it makes it so much more fun when you can have a giggle with your mates as well as meeting loads of lovely couples.

We were so busy yesterday I am almost out of my flyers and  we did run out of both Chocolate Fudge and Traditional Fruit cake tasters. Subsequently my nostrils are being tempted as I type with the smell of Carrot and Orange Cake, and some more Chocolate Fudge. It’s making me VERY hungry.

Anyway here are a couple of pics of our stand that the lovely Laura took on her phone. I will post some more photos on Facebook later for you all to feast your eyes on

Have a good day everyone

Nicki x

Flower Power

13 Mar

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Thought I would do something slightly different today and showcase some gorgeous flower arrangements instead.

Flowers are so important at a wedding and I quite often end up drawing influence for the cake from whatever flowers my bride’s are going to be using. I love flowers but I will admit my arrangements are more ‘throw it in a vase and hope for the best’ rather than having any rhyme or reason to them.

So enjoy the floral spectacular and have a relaxing Sunday.

I will be spending today baking Taster cakes ready for the Wedding Fayre at Victory Hall, Broadclyst on Friday ( and Holne Park, Ashburton ( on Sunday, as well as finally starting to tackle the garden!! 

Post more soon

Nicki x

Pictures Courtesy of :

Rock My Wedding (, Elegant & Simple , Laura Hingston Flowers (, Ruffled Blog (

Wedding fayres and flowers

6 Mar

Happy sunday everyone!

Do you like the new layout? I have had some feedback that the photos were not big enough in the smaller columns so decided to go for a re-vamp!

It has been a crazy busy couple of weeks with a gorgeous wedding fayre at the Thistle Hotel, Exeter. I was lucky enough to share a stand with Laura Hingston flowers ( and we themed the different areas of our stand.

First area was pretty pink and white….

Second section was full of rich plum colours….

A gorgeous vintage inspired section (I am very proud of the first photo – almost looks professional!)…

And finally a gorgeous spring yellow inspired section (the flowers on this one smelt AMAZING) and contained some of my favourite flowers – the yellow ‘balls’ (which I can never remember the name of!) – so funky yet cute.

Laura and I had an amazing day. Not only did we meet loads of lovely brides planning their special days but we met some lovely suppliers – Rachel who does lovely clay cake toppers ( and the delightful Antonia from Antonia’s Kitchen (

The next wedding fayre Eat Sleep Cake is attending is at Broadclyst Victory Hall on Friday 18th March between 6pm – 9pm ( I have some free tickets to give away so if anyone wants one please let me know!

Have a fabulous rest of weekend everyone. I am going for a well deserved dinner with friends tonight to celebrate my friend running under 2 hours for a half marathon… I can only be in awe from the sidelines!

Nicki x

Busy Weekend

13 Feb

Evening All!

Well it’s been a very busy few weeks in Eat Sleep Cake world. It’s been very cakey indeed….

Today I was at The Fairwater Head Hotel Wedding Fayre ( which was a lovely friendly day in a sweet rural venue with great views. It was lovely to meet all the gorgeous brides (and grooms) and there was lots of lovely exhibitors too.

The next wedding fayre I am attending is on Sunday 27th Feb at The Thistle Hotel, Exeter which is being held in aid of South West Children’s Hospice. I am doing the show in conjunction with Laura Hingston Floristry ( and we are planning on creating a fabulous display to inspire brides with ideas for their big day – so come along and have a peek!

In other cakey madness I have done three cakes in the last couple of weeks for birthdays culminating in a mega helicopter cake for the lovely Jamie, which was delivered to the back side of nowhere yesterday.

Jamie used to fly one of these R22 helicopters and loved the cake.

Other cakes made last week included a cake featuring a remote control car and a leg in a plaster cast (complete with hairy toes!) So some very divers cakes but all of them really enjoyable to complete.

Also check out Boho Bride’s Blog this week. It features the photoshoot that I, Laura Hingston Floristry and Sarah Lauren Photography did back in January (  Boho bride is a Devon based Bride to be who blogs about ideas and inspirations that set her world alight. Totally gorgeous and I love what she does – well worth a peek!

Till next time x

Hurrah! Photoshoot photos have arrived!

25 Jan

As you all know earlier this month I did a photo shoot with the lovely Sarah Lauren Photography and Laura Hingston Floristry (bouquets and buttercups)

The photos arrived late on Sunday so I just had to share….

Also I have now added some of my favourite wedding blogs over on the right (including Sarah’s) so check them out if you are stuck for ideas…

Christmas and the New Year

2 Jan

Evening All

So finally the craziness of Christmas and New Year is done for 2010. I hope you all had a fabulous time and enjoyed all the festive goodies! I was extremely busy with Christmas cakes, including Gluten-Free and Dairy- and Gluten-Free cakes, for a couple of my clients with specific needs. If you do have any special dietary requirements when it comes to baking just let me know and I am more than happy to discuss them with you and I am sure we can sort something that will still taste and look gorgeous.

Today has been spent planning out a joint photoshoot next week that I am doing with Sarah Lauren Photography and Bouquets and Buttercups. We are using The White House in Callington as a beautiful backdrop. I am so looking forward to it

Dont forget to check out my Facebook page which has lots of new photos of the latest party cakes. There are also loads of new bits and pieces I am working on and hopefully I can reveal these soon. Keep your eyes peeled! 

Nicki x


20 Nov

Well it’s a weekend away in London for me this weekend and I am feeling pretty inspired.

My friend Laura is setting up her very own florists business and judging by the photos so far she is going to be amazing at it! Her business has such a cute name too – Bouquets & Buttercups. Check out her Facebook page which can be found by looking on the Eat Sleep Cake Facebook page and going to our favourite pages section. Another one of our favourite pages is Sarah Lauren photography, who also knows Laura, and there are plans afoot for a post Christmas photo shoot with new cake designs and beautiful floral arrangements in the frame. It will be amazing to have some truly professional shots of the cakes (instead of it being me and my trusty old SLR) and it will be an excuse to try out some new designs that have been buzzing round my head for a while. 

This week is going to be a challenging week. I have the Kilmington Primary School Christmas Fayre on Sunday 28th between 2pm – 5pm. I will be there selling hand decorated, home-baked Christmas cakes and mini-cakes, all lovely and moist and liberally soaked with alcohol. If you are in the area please pop in and don’t forget that I am still taking Christmas cake orders. Email or ring me for details (as I haven’t got the hang of the Latest News bit yet of the website!) 

Before that I have an extremely exciting but challenging cake to complete (no I am not giving any clues but keep your eyes peeled to the Eat Sleep Cake Facebook page for photos at the end of this week) and to top it all off I am moving house on Saturday! So it’s all go, go, go this week, but that’s the way I like it. 

It’s going to be a short blog this week, (due to all of the above) but I leave you with this question; Are traditional ‘wedding’ colours the only ones you should choose from or are any of you having a less traditional colour scheme? Obviously living in Devon we are often inspired by nature’s colours such as greens from the rolling hills, blues from the coastline and shades of brown from the trees and plants, so if you live in London could you be influenced to try shades of grey, chrome and more muted tones? Would that work?