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Wedding Planning – Part 2 – The Dress

15 Jan


Evening everyone

I am taking the opportunity of it being reasonably quiet on the cake production front to get on with the wedding planning and (rather obviously) I have started to seek ‘the dress’ already.

Now those who know me know this is bound to be a painful experience as:-

1. I am totally indecisive about pretty much everything in my personal life (I figure its because I make so many decisions in my work life I am decided out on a personal level – well that’s my excuse anyway)

2. I have no idea what suits me. Seriously, not a clue. Hence my love of all things grey and black and a reason why I am never allowed shopping on my own, and finally

3. I have (sensitive people skip this one) really rather large breasts which tend to dominate my body-shape whatever weight the rest of my body decides it is going to be at any point. I.e. they dont shrink however much weight I lose, which makes shopping for anything (let alone THE DRESS) frustrating and at times totally hilarious.

So the hunt has begun and I have had a mixture of experiences in the various shops I have been to. I won’t name the ones that I personally didnt find helpful but I would like to commend a few on the service I received.  The Ivory Secret in Crediton and Truly Delightful in Totnes were patient and flexible whilst I tried on all types of dress and still didnt know what I wanted and Se Marier in Exeter slotted me in on Saturday to try some dresses without an appointment so I must thank all of them for making me feel special and like a proper bride.

I have tried on so many dresses and there are some truly beautiful options out there. There were some styles that I liked but I still dont feel I have found ‘the one’. I am torn between a fun, flirty number or a sophisticated, elegant number. And I like the idea of lace but I am not sure I am vintage enough to carry it off or that it will fit in with our day. (Good example of my indecisiveness in action!). One thing I do know though – I am no Pippa. The lumps and bumps that were on show in the ‘Pippa dress’ in one shop were enough to make the Peak district look flat – so that one is a definite no-no!!

Does anyone else feel like this? Or am I the only crazy bride-to-be out there???

I sign off a confused little bunny and hope that those of you embarking on the search are having more luck than me!!!

Speak soon

Nicki x

P.S I apologise for the lack of credits for the pictures in this post but cant remember where I pulled them from. So if you recognise one of the images please comment and I will of course rectify it immediately!