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20 Nov

Well it’s a weekend away in London for me this weekend and I am feeling pretty inspired.

My friend Laura is setting up her very own florists business and judging by the photos so far she is going to be amazing at it! Her business has such a cute name too – Bouquets & Buttercups. Check out her Facebook page which can be found by looking on the Eat Sleep Cake Facebook page and going to our favourite pages section. Another one of our favourite pages is Sarah Lauren photography, who also knows Laura, and there are plans afoot for a post Christmas photo shoot with new cake designs and beautiful floral arrangements in the frame. It will be amazing to have some truly professional shots of the cakes (instead of it being me and my trusty old SLR) and it will be an excuse to try out some new designs that have been buzzing round my head for a while. 

This week is going to be a challenging week. I have the Kilmington Primary School Christmas Fayre on Sunday 28th between 2pm – 5pm. I will be there selling hand decorated, home-baked Christmas cakes and mini-cakes, all lovely and moist and liberally soaked with alcohol. If you are in the area please pop in and don’t forget that I am still taking Christmas cake orders. Email or ring me for details (as I haven’t got the hang of the Latest News bit yet of the website!) 

Before that I have an extremely exciting but challenging cake to complete (no I am not giving any clues but keep your eyes peeled to the Eat Sleep Cake Facebook page for photos at the end of this week) and to top it all off I am moving house on Saturday! So it’s all go, go, go this week, but that’s the way I like it. 

It’s going to be a short blog this week, (due to all of the above) but I leave you with this question; Are traditional ‘wedding’ colours the only ones you should choose from or are any of you having a less traditional colour scheme? Obviously living in Devon we are often inspired by nature’s colours such as greens from the rolling hills, blues from the coastline and shades of brown from the trees and plants, so if you live in London could you be influenced to try shades of grey, chrome and more muted tones? Would that work?

Flavour Thoughts

8 Nov

Sorry it’s been a while peeps.

I have finally finished all the wedding fayres for this year, the last one being Dartington Hall wedding fayre, which had a lovely feel to it, and was really friendly.

Now I am busy gearing up for doing the xmas cakes. If you want to get in contact and order one pootle on through to the website ( and send me a message. The flavours, decorations and price list should be on the latest news section for your perusal.

I spent last Saturday at the Cake International show at the NEC. There were some absolutely stunning cakes and sugarcraft flower displays and I am feeling really excited about the new ideas that are coming through, but more if that later..

One stand at the show was selling Christmas cakes ready to ice, that had no fruit in them! Thought it was a slightly strange idea myself but got me thinking about different, slightly more exotic flavours that could be used in cakes.

One of my clients suggested Key Lime Pie flavour? Or how about Lemon Meringue Pie for a lovely summer flavour?

And obviously Chocolate is now regularly teamed with less traditional partners, like chocolate and chilli, or chocolate and beetroot? Might have to try that one out on my unsuspecting family before suggesting it to clients!

So has anyone got a favourite flavour that they think could be incorporated into a cake? I would love to hear your ideas!

Speak soon everyone. Thank you for reading this blog and please check out the facebook page as that is where I post most of the new cake pics (though here are a couple to keep you going!)